martech & adtech

We design, develop, and operate individual solutions and components for advertisers, agencies, marketers, and all other technology partners. These solutions include layer platforms, which make it possible to achieve central control and reporting on a wide variety of providers from the RTB, programmatic, data management, and analysis sectors, as well as components that can be quickly and easily integrated into your own tech stack.

Our approach

In the current market environment, it is growing more challenging to implement high-quality martech or adtech solutions. The right combination of technical know-how and competence in implementing technologies—and, last but not least, sufficient development resources—is rarely available. We have solved this challenge at Lunar Martech Solutions. The focus is on your personal needs, for which we develop a tailor-made solution that harnesses the strengths of our entire team.

In addition, we can realize extraordinary time and cost advantages for our customers. These are based not only on our many years of team-wide experience in adtech and martech, but also on our development resources, which can optionally be combined with components already developed by us.

Let us know your requirements and we will develop a tailor-made solution in collaboration with you. Alternatively, we can support you with our additional services!


Our development focuses on scalable, automated, and holistic solutions for advertisers, agencies, marketers, and other technology partners in all areas of adtech and martech.

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Complementing your own development process, we offer services that will enable you to concentrate on your core business and will support you in your software development.

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Company key facts

We have years of experience in the martech and adtech industry, and we combine this with a result-driven approach to performance.


Our team consists of more than forty-five experts with a solution-focused working culture.

10+years of experience

On average, each of us has more than ten years of experience in the adtech and martech industry.


We use high-performance technologies, and process more than twenty billion data records per month.

A selection of partners we have already integrated with: