We are focusing on scalable, automated and robust solutions for advertisers, agencies, publishers and other technology specialists.

Solutions by use cases

We build platforms for all kinds of use cases - from buying and selling ads in real time to measuring, reporting and optimization of all kind of online media disciplines.

Our development team accompanies you throughout all phases of the development process and supports complete solutions or modules to extend your core system.

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Our solutions approach

Our development philosophy is efficiently based on the following points





Below is a selection of product areas in which we operate

Analytics and Dashboarding

Build your own analytics and monitoring solutions

API Connect

Bridge the gap between different systems

Ad Safety

Find solutions for Ad Fraud, Malware and other Ad Safety topics


Analyse and optimize your customer journey

Customer Management Platform (CMP) / Data Management Platform (DMP)

Aggregate and analyze your data for better reaching your target audience

Data Science

Find patterns and coherences for better business decisioning

A.I. / Machine Learning

Explore the possibilities of self-learning algorithms

Meta DSP

Optimise and monitor your campaigns across multiple DSPs for better results

Meta SSP / Header Bidding

Optimise and monitor your portfolio across multiple SSPs for better results

Targeting Solutions

Create the next-level audience and retargeting system

UI / UX Design

Develop customized user interfaces based on your own needs

Yield Management

Maximise your total revenue