We develop individual components and tools as well as complete platforms. Our philosophy of development focuses on scalable, automated, and robust solutions for advertisers, agencies, publishers and all other technology partners. At the same time, we guarantee our customers maximum flexibility and investment security, starting with the hosting of the developed solution and continuing to handover into their own development processes. After handover, we are still here for you: we guarantee you our support if you need it.

We focus on your requirements

We focus 100% on your unique needs and we can develop solutions of all kinds for a wide range of applications: from the purchase and sale of online advertising in real time to solutions for measuring, evaluating and optimizing various online marketing disciplines, which we then make available to you exclusively based on your individual requirements.

Our project management team accompanies you through all phases of the development process and helps you to implement your solution efficiently and in a goal-directed manner to coordinate all the participating teams towards your envisioned end-result.

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Our solutions approach

We ground our development philosophy firmly on the following cornerstones




Result-driven approach

A selection of product areas in which we are active:

Analytics and Dashboarding

Create your own analysis systems and custom dashboards.

API Connect

Close the gap between different systems.

Ad Safety

Find solutions for ad fraud, malware, and other ad safety issues.


Analyze and optimize your customer journey data.

Customer Management Platform (CMP) / Data Management Platform (DMP)

Aggregate and use your data to target your audience more exactly.

Data Science

Find patterns and relationships for better business decisions.

A.I. / Machine Learning

Discover the possibilities of self-learning algorithms.

Meta DSP

Optimize and monitor your campaigns across multiple DSPs.

Meta SSP / Header Bidding

Optimize and monitor your portfolio simultaneously across multiple SSPs.

Targeting Solutions

Develop a next-generation target group and re-targeting system.

UI / UX Design

Develop individual user interfaces based on your own requirements.

Yield Management

Maximize your total revenues.